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By using our website you agree to the following. Sun conditions depend on shading, not only form terrain, but also from nearby objects like trees, buildings and constructions. The shading type that this website takes into account is shading from terrain. Even though accuracy of data is getting better and better and that in the future there will be a 3D model for any major city around the world we cannot take responsibility for any errors and discrepancies that may occur and please take a visual inspection of the location before any decision. We provide very good approximation of the horizon on any given location and if any error occurs please let us know so that we can inspect and correct it if the anomalies were due to our mistake. By letting us know for any discrepancies that may occur while using our website you contribute to the resolution of any mistakes that may exist for all future users of our platform so that they can get complete, accurate and up-to-date products. We at SUN INDEX d.o.o. will put in our greatest effort to provide precise and quality information and data to our clients, however SUN INDEX d.o.o. cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage which results from the use of our information on this website. Also, the contents of this website can be altered, adjusted and completed at all times without any prior notice from company SUN INDEX d.o.o. SUN INDEX d.o.o. cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the website and will not be held liable or responsible in any way for bad functioning or a temporary in-availability of the website or for any form of direct or indirect damage, which could result from the possible damage caused by the use of this website. The website may containe hyperlinks or pages of third parties or may refer directly to the pages, which can also result in damage done to the users in which case SUN INDEX d.o.o. cannot be liable or responsible for any damage that may occur due to mentioned reasons. Applicable law and authorized courts of justice Slovenian law or legislation applies to this site. In case of any disputes, only the courts of justice in Slovenia are authorized.


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