With our unique method and advanced algorithms we can compute sunrises and sunsets for every day of the year by taking 3D terrain into account. It can make a huge difference between properties especially in the mountainous regions. Sun index is and will be one of the essential information for anyone in the real estate industry and solar energy industry.


Are you in a real estate business, running real estate agency, selling a house or buying a property? As it turns out our planet is anything but flat, you can find little hills, valleys and anomalies even in a plane landscape and you can also find big mountains, canyons and gorges in every mountain range around the world. We can help you get a higher price for real estates that are on sunny spots by documenting its sun index. It does not matter if you are buying, selling, owning or reselling properties and real estates, our sun index report will give you exact sunlight conditions throughout the year. You can then use this information to your advantage. For example, if you are buying property is always good to know how is it with the sun in the winter, if you are selling property or running real estate agency you can use this information to offer potential clients additional service and information about how much sun will specific real estate get throughout the year and if you are owning a property you can evaluate if your property is suitable for specific crop or if you could start using free solar energy in case your property is getting very high sun index.


Sun index is the ration between the sun share specific location would get if there would not be any hills or terrain blockage and the sun share that specific location is actually getting if we take into account all the mountains and terrain around location. For example, there are a lot of high mountains in Switzerland and if we take a house in an alpine valley that is getting 5 hours of sun per day because of mountainous terrain around instead of 10 hours that this same house would be getting if there would be no hilly terrain around. Out of this concrete example sun index would be 50 % because the house in the Swiss valley is only getting sun for 5 hours a day instead of 10. Out of possible 10 h a day, this particular house is getting only 50 % of sun or 5 h a day, because for 50 % of the time sun is not getting through the mountainous terrain. The sun index can be computed for individual days, but also for periods, such as for each month or for the whole year. We also do separate ones for morning and evening (before and after noon).


Sun index is important because of several different reasons, first would be that all people in general prefer locations that have a lot of sun compered to those locations that get very little of sun and information about sun index will help a lot of people to choose what real estate or property they want to buy in other words properties with high sun index will have higher price than those with small sun index. Second reason why sun index is important is related to economy, houses that do not get a lot of sun have a lot of moisture in the air and walls it is also dangerous for our health simply because mold usually appears in moist environment. House in wet and moist environment also losses its value due to degrading and it constantly needs reconstruction and maintenance. Third reason why sun index is important would be because of recent energy trend on solar and wind power, which will only grow in the future. House or property could be making you free electricity once you invest in solar panels or solar roof. So in the future it will matter a lot if you have a real estate that can generate free energy on regular basis. Last but not least would be health related reason. Sun index is important also to our health and well being. There is already shortage of vitamin D and that shortage only increase in the winter months. Shortage of vitamin D can result in decreased immune system, osteoporosis and chronic disease in some cases deprivation of sun can lead to depression.


We have checked many different locations worldwide and the overall results were satisfying, however there are many factors that influence the exact timing of these events, and most of them are beyond our control since we use data that is provided to us by countries terrain bureaus and projects done from space and satellite and for accuracy of this data we cannot take responsibility. Here are the most dominant factors:
The data that we use to compute the terrain profile could be faulty in some locations and therefore lead to errors. If you are located very close to a distinct terrain feature, such as a mountain or a hill, the angle between your location and that feature becomes large. This means that even small errors in the terrain data can lead to large errors in the terrain computations. Even the air temperature influences the way the sun beams move through the atmosphere. But this only result in very small errors that will not make a significant difference.


We use global topography data generated from satellite images that have been taken during several international space expeditions. Then we use this information and transform programming script in a way that we can see a 3D topography map. Once that is achieved our programming team used different algorithms and smart coding solutions to generate 360 degrees renders for any given location on the earth. Over that view we then inscripted algorithms for sun curves that overlay topography map and create an image of realistic location view. After that we had to create different independent programmes for calculations which include at what point sun curves intersect 3D terrain and at what angels are sun curves on any given time of the year, calibrating all elements to be completely synchronized between each other, we also spent a lot of time for optimizing our platform so that it became quicker/faster for our customers to use. It used to take between 1-3 minutes to get one Sun index report, something that now only takes a few seconds. After all of that follows the hardest part and that is that everything is pin point accurate. After many months of precise work and experiments and testings we came up with this version of our product which is up to 96 % accurate for any given location around the world.